Ecovillage Sembrando Vida

We are an international eco-village that is a healing sanctuary and learning center for ourselves and others. Our foundation is based on four pillars; community, spirituality, environment and education.

I stayed at Sembrando Vida during 3 weeks with my husband and 9 month-old
son.  Arriving from winter in Canada, I immersed myself in the lush, humid,
fragrant natural environment of Sembrando with a kind of euphoria. My whole
being relaxed as I breathed in the healing seaside air and saw the night sky
light up with a million stars unmediated by any nearby towns.

The peaceful rural environment at Sembrando and the positive healing energy
of this special place create a harmonious sheathe which for me encouraged
meditation, introspection and creativity.

Slavka, Canada

Sembrando vida was for me  one of the most energetic and magic experience in my life. I remember the first time i was really part of mother earth, here, after my first temazcal. The message i got was clear, pure and true love, Forget your anger and change it in love, get out all negativity, change it in positive vibes and trust the univers! Trust in yourself, dream big and do everything you can to make your dream real. Sembrando show me the way to really love and for that i Will say thank you to Diana and Miguel all my life.  We are family, we are one. Ometeolt

Martin, France

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At Ecovillage Sembrando Vida you will find tranquil and natural environment between palm groves, mango orchard and a mangrove. We are located 400 meters from a pristine beach on the Pacific Ocean. The general project of the Ecovillage include; Organic garden, Animals farm, Healing Center, Green Holistic School  for children, Common Areas, Water Sanctuary, Sacred … Sigue leyendo Lots for sale

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