We are a visionary group of four adults, one child and one dog.  We are in the initial phases of establishing an international eco-village that is a healing sanctuary and learning center for ourselves and others.  We intend to co-exist, harmoniously and co-operatively with kindred spirits, nature, (the elements, spirits and our cosmic relatives.)  Our foundation is based on the four pillars of community, spirituality, environment and education.

Founding Members:

Barry is a native Californian who lived rurally in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas for 40 years. He is retired from business as the owner of Passages for 25 years, a metaphysical book store where he sold his hand crafts, and jewelry. He practiced massage, reiki, taught reiki, and quantum touch healing. Barry has been an avid gardener for over 40 years he is an artist, a cook and a metaphysician.

Diana is a visionary artist, she loves to draw since she was a little girl. She has had more than 17 years of experience in the commercial arts and has published 2 books. She is also an earth keeper and holds a deep connection with the earth, the different spiritual kingdoms it holds as well as the cosmic families and energies. She loves to be in nature and emerge her whole being. Diana has a PHD in Life coaching and is a natural mediator and support for people that are awakening. Diana is a avid traveller, she loves to travel to sacred places around the world and connect with the rainbow energies. Diana is also an initial founder of eco village Sembrando Vida, her vision and intuition help to guide in laying down the foundation in co-creation with others.

Miguel Ferrer is Mexican and a world traveler. Interested in discovering different cultures and traditions. Lover and on service to mother earth and the universe. His interest is the development of the human being and the expansion of being and consciousness towards a higher state where love in itself prevails, towards society and to Mother Earth. Promotes projects that seek the rescue of original ancestral knowledge, care for the environment and social justice. He is a Sun Dancer, walking the red path. He has been an entrepreneur promoting fair trade and organic commerce. He is a natural entrepreneur, being the initial founder of the Ecovillage Sembrando Vida.

Terry relocated to Isla de la Piedra Mazatlan from Vancouver Canada after being a snowbird for many years.  She has been a community activist for all of her adult life.  Terry was involved and instrumental in building many needed services in her local community in Vancouver.(child-care centers, neighborhood house, environmental group).   She is family oriented, lives with passion and purpose, and a pioneering spirit while pursuing interests in travel, the arts, metaphysical realms and the environment.