There are different ways to participate and join our community; here we explain the different possibilities. Let’s make contact!


Volunteering in the Ecovillage is a way to learn and live in a natural and sustainable environment, while you know another perspective of life. Within Sembrando Vida you can help and promote the current projects that we have within the Ecovillage, such as the organic garden, some natural construction projects, the support of the animal farm and other projects.

Friends of

Our friends are;  visitors, participants of workshops, retreats or different activities that take place within the Ecovillage. Thanks to our friends we can extend the purpose of the foundation, so we can spread a seed of life towards a more harmonious and conscious life.

Co-creators members

The co-creators are people who do not live within the Ecovillage but collaborate and support the vision of the Ecovillage and at the same time participate actively in different activities that enrich us, such as educators, medicine women and men, elders of native tradition, activists , entrepreneurs, co-investors, artists, scientists, photographers,  among others.

Founder Members

The founding members are people who are co-creators part of the community, who have invested on a lot to build their house to live within the Ecovillage. They are people who share the philosophy and lifestyle of the Ecovillage and are always looking for the common good and future sustainability of the Ecovillage.

Donators Members

The donator members are people or organizations that decide to support economically or in kind to our movement and/or in specific projects within the Ecovillage. Thanks to the donors we can include different project with social, environmental, educational impact in the local community.