Lots for Sale

At Ecovillage Sembrando Vida you will find tranquil and natural environment between palm groves, mango orchard and a mangrove. We are located 400 meters from a pristine beach on the Pacific Ocean.

The general project of the Ecovillage include; Organic garden, Animals farm, Healing Center, Green Holistic School  for children, Common Areas, Water Sanctuary, Sacred Gardens, among others. We invite you to be part of this life project.

What we are looking for:

Although we are an intentional community we are open and receptive to people from all walks of life who are willing to live within the four pillars of our founding principles.  We value a heart connection with existing members as more important than a monetary contribution.  We are looking for people who embrace the concept of sociocracy (decision by consensus), people who are open communicators, people who know their limits and who can set clear boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. 

In order to remain sustainable we need people with a variety of skills, talents and abilities.  This may include but is not exclusive to individuals with knowledge and experience in any genre of the arts, teachers, healers, gardeners, farmers, mechanics, sewing, cooking, photography, technology, business (finance), and eco and environmental arenas such as bio construction, and permaculture.  

Please refer to the Contact us page if you require further information on the process.

We have four lot options.

Lot of 400sqm

Lot of 324sqm

Lot of 256sqm

Lot of 144sqm

Our experience in ecological construction is available for you, so we can do the construction of your house.  We have architectural plans available.