Our foundation is based on the four pillars of community, spirituality, environment and education.


Ecovillage Sembrando Vida is an intentional community that seeks a natural and organic life towards self-sufficiency and economic sustainability. Our intention is that together, with others, we form a community settlement where we live harmoniously with Mother Earth. 

We believe that together, in community, we are stronger and that each member of the community is seen as equal and makes a valuable contribution towards creating a conscious community within a common spiral of personal growth and development.

We aim to interact with the local and extended world and unseen worldly communities for mutual support.

We practice decision making and conflict resolution in the form of councils using the model of Sociocracy.

What we offer:

We use a model of sociocraty for governance and conflict resolution. We practice a spirit of inclusiveness with local and extended communities.


We come together with different, spiritual backgrounds that share similar values: the prime value is the development of our hearts as love is the core frequency that drives a peaceful world. We honor the universal creative source and Mother Earth, our natural homeland. We incorporate native spirituality, holding reverence for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the natural elements that sustain us. We intend to be in touch as much as possible with the nature spirits that inhabit our land and we are here as co-partners.

What we offer:

We provide a safe place and freedom to practice all forms of non-sectarian, non-dogmatic spirituality.

We have workshops, events, retreats, and personal sessions for inner growth and healing.   We use different modalities for healing. (organic gardening, crystals, visualizations, etc.) to help participants open up and connect with their inner self, with Gaia and Source.

Guided Temazcal (sweat lodge) experiences.

Meditation instruction, Reiki and massage healing.


Our lifestyle is based on the respect and preservation of nature and its different forms of life around us. We aim to have a light footprint on the earth, using the principles of permaculture, bio-construction, sacred geometry and alternative energies to design an integral and harmonious life with the environment.  We garden organically.  We live off-grid incorporating sustainable heating/cooling, draining and sewage systems which are key to maintaining our health and the health of the land.

We refer to deep ecology as a whole way of connecting and interrelating with nature.  We understand that all sentient beings accept their place in nature.

We intend to flow with cosmic order.

What we offer:

A tranquil and natural environment between palm groves, mango orchard and a mangrove. We are located 400 meters from a pristine beach on the Pacific Ocean.

We organize and host workshops, events, retreats for sustainable living. with practical and theoretical experience in our organic gardens, ecological construction, and permaculture.


Sembrando Vida intends to be a teaching community and learning center, sharing information about sustainable living. We intend to create a holistic elementary school that is non-coercive where differences are respected and learning is guided by the interest and needs of the children based on love, respect and contact with nature.  We believe in a learning process that is intuitive and naturally stimulates creativity. We encourage the freedom of choice and the individual process of everyone. The school will be open and accessible to children of surrounding communities.

We are in the process of developing a small animal farm where classrooms of children can come to experience the animals, our organic gardens and to understand the source of our food.

What we offer:

We host volunteers and provide them with enriching experiences and training in sustainability through practical and theoretical workshops using our organic gardens, ecological construction, and permaculture.  We offer volunteers tenting accommodation and meals with our volunteer short or long-term stays.